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Are you looking for a translation agency, that not only translates from various languages, but also does quality work fast and precisely? Then look no further! Bilingua’s Bradford Translation Agency is here to help!

Bilingua Bradford-Translation agency

We are a translation agency in Bradford, which uses a simple formula in order to succeed. Our main goal is to put the customer first and to make sure to do anything and everything within our power to make sure that they are satisfied with our work. We translate from several languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Hungarian. Whichever language you choose from, you can rest assured that you’re in the right hands!

Official Translation

Our official translations, proofreading and text correcting is second to none! We not only offer all of our services at a low price, but we also ensure the highest quality for your translation. We send all of our translations back via email, if you would like us to send it back via post, then that can be arranged as well, of course with a stamp and codicil.


Translation agency Bilingua Bradford staff

All translations are done by professionals, who ensure that your translation, in terms of context and meaning is identical to the original, in other words, you won’t be able to tell which one was the original, when put side by side with the translation.


We usually receive requests to fulfill the following types of translations:

  • Police¬†certificate, European gymnasium certificate, technical high school certificate, language exam certificate, college or university degree or diploma.
  • Official Certificates: (birth, marriage, death certificates)
  • Company documents,certificate of incorporation, company certification, founding documents, deed of association, purchase and sale contracts and other legal documents, company letters and mailing.


Our price per-per word is 0.04 GBP for all of the above translations.



We set the threshold high when it comes to quality but our prices are down to earth! Let us show you that translations don’t have to take a lifetime to complete. Thanks to our large translation database, we can finish even the lengthiest of texts in just a couple of days! If you send us your text, then after we respond with a price quote, we will begin working immediately and of course we will keep within the agreed deadline.


For more information call 07459 490 814 now!


Translation services in Bradford, Tel: 07459 490 814