Languages we translate

include and are not limited to: English, German, French, Spanish, Slovenian, Slovak, Czech, Romanian, Hungarian and Polish.


Originally our agency focused mostly on English, German and Latin language. Now after years of work and experience, we increased our knowledge and now work with all Slavic languages as well and, quite frankly all languages.

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European Languages that we offer translations for:

English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Slovak, Czech, Slovenian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Dutch, Turkish, and Bulgarian.

Native Speaker Proofreading Services

Besides translations, our company also offers proofreading services. We make sure that our final product is looked over by a native speaker to make sure that it was done properly. We advise you use this service especially if your text will be used by the press or seen by many other people.

Proofreading does not take as much time as normal translations, but if we ask that the deadline is not super tight in order to ensure that we can work calm mindedly, ensuring a perfect product.

Text Writing

For some languages we provide a text writing service. This means that we will write the text for your webpage ourselves. Our foreign colleagues can create texts for such webpages in a short amount of time if the topic and important keywords are agreed upon.

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