Translation prices

Translation Prices

The price of the translation depends on the volume of the text, on how complex it is, on the deadline and the language being used. The translation with normal deadlines (3 days) costs 0,04 GBP per word.

This price covers most of the languages, except for the so-called “exotic” languages, which we cannot do at this price. These languages include the Scandinavian languages and other Asian and African languages. We can give you an exact quotation by email, after we see the text, which needs to be translated.

Urgent Translation: in 24 Hours + 25% of the price

Reliable and reasonable prices

If you need your translation urgently, we are able to finish it for you by the following day, but in these cases, we apply a 25% emergency surcharge to the normal price.

To get an exact quotation, send the text that needs to be translated by email today, and we will send you the quotation soon.

For more information call 07459 490 814!

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